Nobile T5 Koinobori 12m Review

koinoboriNobile released a new kite 2011, the T5 Koinobori. Here is a short review written by a guy from Singapore who had a session with a 12m Koinobori kite.

When it comes to construction the Koinobori is very light and the material is strong and the whole kite feels solid.
The Koinobori is a Delta kite with only 3 struts and the centre strut is shorter than most other 2011 Delta kites.

Design: The graphics on the Koinobori is very cool in my opinion, I guess the picture below pretty much speaks for itself =)

In the air: The Koinobori turns fast yet extremely stable in the air. It tends to park in a position just below the edge of the wind window where it gives lots of power. The low weight gives the Koinobori a great low end and it absorbes wind like a hungry monster. You can hardly stall the kite even when it´s fully depowered.

The bar is pretty much like any other bar with two differences. The donkey dick can be set aside which is great when you ride unhooked and want to hook back in easily.

Nobile states that the leading edge is redesigned, the wing tips are flattened out, the bridles are thinner as well as the back lines. These improvements make the Koinobori much faster and more stable than its predecessor, the T5. Still the best improvement is the lift and hang time which has greatly increased.

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