N62 V2.0

n62N62 was a big success for Nobile and the new version N62 V2.0 is of course even better with its improved turning speed and more constant power. Added reinforcements makes the kite even more resilient against impacts in the water and abrasion from laying upon sand.

The new N62 is holding the latest innovations within the kite industry. The compact shape and low aspect ratio provides stability as well as easy power management, direct turningsand super easy water relaunch.

N62 is a great kite for those who appreciate an easy kite, no extra lines or complicated features, still a great kite for those who ride in tough wind conditions where power control is crucial.

N62 V2.0 has a shorter scope through the wing tips, which gives a great low end capacity, good wind range and the possibility to turn the kite around a pivot without the indirecthandling that you have from traditional delta kites.

The N62 has the so called “park and ride” feature meaning that you simply dive the kite, park it and concentrate on your riding and not steering the kite. The kite has the ability to sink back in the wind window instead of luffing and fall down from the sky that can happen if you fail when performing a jump or if you’re yet not comfortable with riding the kite.

Water relaunch is a piece of cake. In cases where you drop the kite in the water a minimum of technique and bar handling is required.

3 struts combined with a simple bridle system and the new SMART pump II system makes it easy to rigg the kite. There is only one universal attachment point for the front and rear lines which means that the rider doesn’t have to figure out which line goes where.

N62 V2.0 together with the new KISS bar is a set up which will provide the rider with top safety, quality and high performance. The bar is equipped with the new Fulcrum quick release system which allows the rider to push his limits and still be in safe hands.

The new N62 V2.0 is an allround kite with versatility no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced rider.

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